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Voiceover Unlimited, Inc. and will never sell your contact information. We do not share your contact information with others in the business of sending bulk unsolicited emails by third-parties. We will use your contact information only to conduct our mutual business.

We will never share with third parties any confidential proprietary information you provide for the production of voiceover services except as may be required by law.


Your connection to this website is not encrypted. Emails sent directly or through the web contact form are not encrypted. If you need to send confidential and proprietary materials or other information you would like to keep private, please contact me first or send your information as an encrypted and password-protected zip file.


Healthcare projects do not routinely include a patient’s identifiable personal health information (PHI). If you have a project that will include PHI, please contact me so that we may arrange for transfer of the script in a manner compliant with HIPAA. Please do not send any PHI by email or through the web contact form unless we can confirm a secure connection between our mailboxes and only after you have sent and I have signed a Business Associate Agreement that meets HIPAA standards.